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Make Vaughn Dance a 501c3

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Vaughn Dance is a professional dance company owned and operated by Maria Vaughn.  The conceptualization of her company began around the young age of fifteen.  Maria has a burning desire to impact people in a positive way by presenting thought-provoking dances and building a welcoming environment free of the habitual politics typical in many professional dance companies to foster a peaceful and creative spirit.  We are in the process of officially becoming a legally recognized 501c3 non-profit company.  We need your financial support to help us get there.  We are raising the 3,000.00 that it will take for us to complete the legal process and sincerely appreciate your support.  We need the funds as quickly as possible so that we can begin the year-long process.  Until the funds are available we cannot begin the official process.  We would like to attain all the funds within two months.  Once we become a legally recognized non-profit company, we too can serve our community in ways that uphold the mission of the company.  Only then can our true service to the community begin, but we need your support to help us get there.  Forever we will be indebted to you for your kindness and generosity.  Respectfully, Maria Vaughn Vaughn Dance

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