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Currently, Vaughn Dance is hosting online auditions for professional and seasoned dancers.  Here are the requirements and what information to email if you'd like to submit an online audition: 

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The "Dancer's Exchange" Project: 

Currently Vaughn Dance is working, in the Classique realm, on a sort of "dancer's exchange" project in which mutual yet different knowledge is shared, technique is perfected, choreography explored, all with a mysterious and experimental outcome unknown as of yet.  Stay tuned for more on this or if you want more information, contact us.   

Emily Hydrick


At 18 years old, Emily has 10+ years of dance experience
in a variety of styles. She has been trained in ballroom,
ballet, jazz, contemporary, country-western dancing, and
pointe, and is constantly working on expanding her skill
set. She has won 4th and 5th place awards in dance
competitions for her country-western dancing. Emily has
had experience teaching and choreographing dances for
several different levels of dancers. She enjoys being on
stage and entertaining, and is passionate about dance.

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